The security guard pool has always been a challenge.  Not enough security officers to fill the demand for them.  Not to mention quality personnel. The availability of the AI Robotic devices will positively impact our industry. And make us more effective in our responsibilities.

A major way the security industry, whether you outsource your security force or have your own private security team, can overcome some of the staffing challenges in today’s market is to incorporate AI robotic devices throughout their business location. 

Pre covid-19, Hawaii is known for its unemployment rate being under 3%, one of the lowest in the nation. 

These devices allow your security force to be able to cover and secure more square footage for a very low cost.  That makes me happy.  It is really important to me to provide the absolute best tools you’re your security force as I possibly can.  The evolution of affordable AI Security Robotics is allowing me the opportunity to take security to the next level for you! Future Solutions Now.