Increasing thefts and loitering problems now overwhelming security and local businesses

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses throughout Hawaii is the lack of evidence when a claim or situation occurs in the workplace.  Standard security cameras have limited space for continued streaming, low resolution and lighting issues with high ceiling angles are all common challenges.  The cost of multiple cameras and someone to monitor them 24-7 is another issue.

Crime is increasing, people loitering where they shouldn’t be as they are possibly looking for their next target or place to hangout and set up “camp”.

As many resorts and establishments remain closed due to covid-19, the demand for security and the liability of their security force is a primary concern.  Being able to help so many businesses reduce their risk, costs, increase their protection, provide clear evidence when needed and allow an option to use a mobile intelligent robot to further investigate and approach suspicious activity at a low price is the best feeling for me!