Today’s challenges with Covid-19 and the impact to local businesses throughout Hawaii

Today’s challenges with covid-19 and the impact it is having to local businesses throughout Hawaii have been dramatic and unthinkable, to say the least.  As many businesses work together to collaborate on the safest and most cost-effective ways to provide a safe environment for patrons and employees, affordable A.I. robotic devices are heavily in need for Hawaii.  We can provide a 7 foot all terrain device with artificial intelligence at approximately $10.70/hour for 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!  The ability for automatic detection of potential “circumstances” is exciting!  Rather than deploy a security personnel to a potentially dangerous situation, Roameo can do the “heavy, and sometimes dangerous, lifting”.  Not only does this add protection to your security staff, it provides an extra “body” to cover more square footage at a fraction of the cost of an additional employee. 

Budgets are tight, the need is high.  We have devices as low as $1.30/hour up to $10.68 per hour.  Every device works together, provides autonomous remote services and patrols to the security industry.   Our robotic devices are intelligent, able to detect people, an intruder, license plate recognition, mobile PA system and 2-way audio / video communication.  Detect dangers and possible suspicious behavior as notification is immediate sent to the top tier recipients simultaneously.  There is so much these devices can do!  The time is now to consolidate as many issues and needs as possible within your business to