Mask issues?

Are you worried about the mask issues?

Have you been watching some of the videos that have gone viral?  I have been just SHOCKED at people’s behavior and expectation of rights.  We know as a business owner, you have the right to set guidelines and to refuse service to anyone; however, the goal and need is to service everyone.  You can provide a staff member (at $12-15/hour plus taxes and medical) to stand at the entrance, providing them with training and script as to what to say when a potential customer approaches without a mask…. How has that been working out?

Budgets are tight, the need is high.  We have devices as low as $1.30/hour up to $10.68 per hour.  Every device works together, provides autonomous remote services and patrols to the security industry.   Our robotic devices are intelligent, able to detect people, an intruder, license plate recognition, mobile PA system and 2-way audio / video communication.  Detect dangers and possible suspicious behavior as notification is immediate sent to the top tier recipients simultaneously.  There is so much these devices can do!  The time is now to consolidate as many issues and needs as possible within your business to

You can employ the Rosa.  This is approximately $1.30/hour and doesn’t require training or scripts.  Just watch some of the videos we have of the actual device in action.  It is also a security camera and audio communication.  There are even opportunities for you to sell advertising or place your special on the visible screen to all your approaching customers and clients! 

We know we are moving forward with a new normal.  We know we will be required to wear masks for over a year.  We know those two things for sure.  My goal is reducing that stress for you by removing the demands from your employees.  Let us remove them from the potential conflicts of the mask mandates.