How is the security industry changing?


The security industry is adjusting to a great many events and threats nationwide.   Although the industry should be prevent, not repent or be proactive instead of reactive profession, we just do not have the luxury to sit and wait for good things to happen.  We have gone from an analog to a digital world which is constantly evolving.

The security industry is definitely changing, and the industry is under more demand than ever before.  The recent strain of the COVID-19 pandemic is the first reaction to the growing business organizations throughout the world in seeking to protect assets, patrons and employees are all factors in the industry’s growth and development.

Artificial Intelligence monitoring devices can detect suspicious activity and notify designated security staff.  In the past, we have had to rely on a physical, on-site security officer watching multiple monitors and the accuracy of them spotting the activity at that moment.   Now, the A.I. Robotic Device with long range capabilities and two-way video communications will be able to determine and alert from multiple devices at the same time to the on-site security officer or the security office; it allows a protective solution to be in multiple places at once.

Simple things like facial recognition and behavior monitoring are rapidly used today with our personal smart phones.  These features are entering the workplace and publicly monitored businesses such as malls, airports, train stations, special events, etc.  As we know, facial recognition has been used in the airports and other transportation hubs by homeland security for years.

We see more and more development in technology that can easily be adapted to improve the response time, notification of suspicious behavior and accountability of the current security efforts.  What is more exciting is that this can all be made possible now at an affordable price that we have not had access to in the previous years.  Being able to bring together the proper A.I. robotic devices to help tackle the challenges a physical security officer faces every day is exhilarating for me.  I have been in the security industry for over 38 years.  It is astonishing to think how we have been able to be as effective as we have with just human resources.  But of course, that was a different time.  Now think about how affective we will be tomorrow with the enhancement of AI robotic devices partnered with your human security force today!

When I say affordable, we are talking from about $1.60 – $10.60 per hour depending on the device.  An item that shows for duty without issues, does not sleep does not eat, does not require payroll taxes or required benefits.   It is a lease, so you pay monthly.  Easy to use, locally supported and access to the manufacturer for expert technical support.   I am excited to see this be available and designed for enhancing safety in the security industry.