Is confrontation over wearing a mask in public now a workplace hazard?

Have you watched the videos? Have you witnessed this behavior firsthand?

 I have been in the grocery store and looked to my left, only to see the person standing there has pulled their mask down.  Now this person is putting me at risk, the employees in the grocery store and potential negative publicity for the establishment. 

It is upsetting when businesses are spending so much on disinfectant and safety measures to have someone get past the door and then do as they please.  Who wants a confrontation?  Now, we have devices that handle that for as little as $1.30/hour.  For some reason, people are not arguing with AI robotic devices, rather they are leaving or complying.  This provides a simple, safe, and affordable option for every business and establishment.

The economic recovery is fluctuating and difficult to predict as government mandates change.  Many businesses have had to scale back or close, some remaining closed since the end of the first quarter.   What we do know is that we will need to create a new “normal”.  Providing a safe and affordable solution is what we specialize in. 

Titan Security Technologies, LLC is owned by Louis Siracusa Jr, also the sole owner of Phoenix Security Hawaii, INC with over 38 years in the security industry.  Louis knows the challenges that many companies face and has been working hard to bring alternative solutions at an affordable price to Hawaii that will work synonymously with your current security unit.