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Ensuring the safety and security of your organizational assets is paramount. For decades, security options have revolved around physical security units and situated camera systems. The cost of enhancing your security force with AI has been out of reach for most industries until NOW! Today, Titan Security Technologies is able to bring to you the affordability to lease artificial intelligence to solve complex challenges, enhance and strengthen your security plan.


Stronger Security

Titan Security Technologies provides a variety of AI-based solutions to empower your security organization to solve complex challenges.  We enable you to combine the strengths of human and artificial intelligence to provide increased security coverage, workflow automation, consistency, and reporting capabilities at an affordable and transparentmonthly cost for a clear ROI for your organization.

Titan Security Technologies Brings Affordable A.I. Robotic Security To  

why use our cutting   Edge  Technology?

Immediate ROI & Compliance Enforcing

See how our robots can lower your operational cost and satisfied your compliance needs using our Artificial Intelligence based software.

  • Level-up your best Officers
  • Obtain visibility across all your sites
  • Make data-driven business decisions
  • Drive behavioral change in your organization

Real-Time Response

Artificial Intelligence based software is a great solution to resolve the discrepancies and prevent conflicts.

  • Fewer dispatches
  • Faster response
  • Better judgement
  • Discover and resolve unknown threat gaps

Reporting & Analysis

One of the greatest benefits of Artificial Intelligence is the flexibility it allows your organization to respond faster and discover treats prior its occurance.

  • More accurate
  • More detailed
  • More actionable
  • Uncover gaps
  • Change behavior of customers and employees

Automatic Guard Post with Unlimited Attention

Data is vital in order for your organization to make the right decision. Our software has the capacity to provide accurate analysis in second to keep your company agile.

  • No distractions
  • No sick days
  • No shortcuts
  • No discrepancies
  • No bias, prevent conflicts, when rules have to be implemented

Solve Complex Labor Challenges

Artificial Intelligence automation is the future of the security work force.  Titan Security Technologies provides innovative and autonomous devices for businesses to enhance your security organization with affordable monthly lease options to increase your ROI .  The future is now!

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports April 2020 that it projects the industry labor to grow 3 percent from 2019 – 2029. Hawaii has routinely felt the challenges of a low unemployment rate for the security industry. The compliments of AI robotic devices to your security force will help to reduce exposure risk and physical engagement while providing the security coverage you need.


Product Overview

Titan Security Technologies presents affordable robotic A.I. products designed by Robotic Assistance Devices (“RAD”) to compliment your existing human security infrastructure.

View the simple breakdown of some of the popular features to see how our products can apply to your business to resolve your everyday challenges of your security infrastructure.

Launching A.I. Robotic Security Devices Is Efficient, Affordable & Easy To Use

Draft Configuration
Lease Signing
Continued Support & Software Upgrades
To discover your intended goals, to understand your needs, challenges and requirements.
In depth discussion, as it concerns your organizations’ goals, of what we can provide and work together to design solutions within your monthly budget.
Summary of the implementation of the A.I. robotic devices, layout, and timeline in which to meet the priorities, modifications and features as discussed.
Outlining the terms and conditions, the required robotic devices, taxes and shipping, along with any modified features.
Install and set up of your A.I. robotic devices and team training.
Receive software support, technical assistance and software upgrades.
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Robotic security technology is the future. The future is now. 

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